The Plum Tree Curriculum

We trust the often mysterious process by which every child develops and matures. We seek to witness, nurture, and guide the unfolding of each child's intelligences, humor, sense of wonder, and connection to others. Our goal is to offer a joyful, loving, and beautiful environment in which each individual's unique personality, learning style, and rate of learning will be honored.


We believe that children express their understanding of their experiences through many "languages" such as storytelling, dramatic play, song, movement, paint, sculpture, and drawing.




The Preschool Program at Plum Tree School is based on best practice early care and education philosophy, inspired by approaches which seek to develop the whole child. Collectively, and alongside our own expertise as teachers and wisdom as parents, these educational approaches inspire our educational program to include the following elements:


  • A balance between child-initiated and teacher-facilitated learning;

  • Daily experiences in the creative arts as a lens through which children express their understanding and joy of the world they live in (dancing, singing, painting);

  • Emphasis on the development of domestic life skills (cooking, building, washing);

  • Direct experience with nature, including celebrations of the changing seasons (gardening, environmental observation)

  • A primary focus on relationship and mindfulness as the center point for care and learning, including guidance in developing compassion, loving kindness, and generosity